Radon Scout Plus - Radon monitor

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Art.-Nr.: 11014030
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Nearly unlimited Radon long-term measurements for radon-affected objects

Preferably used for radon measurements time-resolved over a long time

  • Upgrading of Radon Scout to Radon Scout Plus
  • Measurement range: 1 - 10,000,000 Bq/m³
  • Easy to operate, illuminated LCD display
  • Autonomous battery operation for several months, operation unlimited in time via power supply unit
  • Optional data remote transfer
  • Big ring memory for 16363 data records
  • The freely adjustable measurement interval
  • Sensors for temperature, humidity and for barometric pressure, motion sensor
  • Proven in many years’ use
  • DAkkS-accredited calibration according to the DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 included!
  • Option: Po-210 background elimination in case of contamination
  • Optional: direct controlling of ventilation equipment, NEW!
  • Art.-Nr.
  • 11014030
  • EAN
  • 7141224199286


NEW! Stores now 16383 data records! Option: energy calibration for Po-210 background rejection available.

NEW! Radon Scout and Radon Scout Plus now with switch output for ventilation control!

The Radon gas monitor Radon Scout offers the highest sensitivity of its class and exceeds one of the competitors many times. This will result in the lowest detection limit and statistical error. The thousands of times proven and US-EPA certified instrument will show the time distribution of Radon even at levels below 100Bq/m³. Thus, meteorological influences, as well as ventilation effects, can be easily detected.

Due to the outstanding sensitivity, the instrument is perfectly suitable for direct controlling of ventilation equipment by a potential-free switch contact. As an accessory, we offer a wireless switch that can be directly connected to the instrument. Thus, very little effort is required to control fans such as kitchen hoods, walls, or window ventilators anywhere in your home. It is possible to upgrade even older instruments. The switching threshold for the Radon Scout is fixed to the EU target value of 300Bq/m³ while the Radon Scout Plus allows user-specific settings.

Two standard D-size cells enable an autonomous operation over a few months. The radon monitor Radon Scout Plus offers an additional connection for an external power supply. In fact, this allows an operation over infinite time periods.

The size of the data memory was designed to get a high-resolution time distribution. Any number of measurement series may be created. The acquired data can be loaded by a PC even if a measurement is in progress. The instrument can be directly connected to a modem (analog, ISDN, GSM) for remote data transmission. The Radon Vision software (included in delivery) handles the telephone connection as simple as a direct cable link.

Because of the high sensitivity, variations of the activity concentration will be detected accurately even in the case of low Radon levels. The radon monitor works in diffusion mode so that a possible influence of Thoron can be excluded. The measurement chamber, equipped with a semiconductor detector and high voltage collection, shows no sensitivity against ambient humidity.

Sensors for temperature, humidity and barometric pressure in addition compared with the radon monitor Radon Scout are very useful add-ons. The integrated tilt detector will give a signal if the instrument was moved from its original position during the measurement.

The Radon gas monitor comes with the DAkkS-accredited calibration certificate according to the DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 and the latest release of the Radon Vision software.

A standard calibration is performed at a radon concentration of 3 000 Bq/m³ with the prior determination of the background effect. A second calibration point at a radon concentration of 300 Bq/m³ is possible on demand and at additional cost. A separate calibration certificate is created for each calibration point.

The Instrument has been certified by the US-EPA / NRSB and other international authorities.

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