Cancellation policy for Private

You may cancel your order at any time within a period of fourteen (14) days by

1) notifying us in writing (letter, fax or email to: SARAD GmbH, Wiesbadener Straße 10, 01159 Dresden, Germany. Email: sales(at) Fax: +49 (0) 351 6580718);
2) returning the items to SARAD, if the items have been received within the period specified above.

Providing the goods are returned complete (including all accessories, if applicable) and in mint condition, you will receive a refund within 30 days.

However, the right to cancel does not apply to
1) Custom-made items – items that are tailored to your own specifications;
2) Items that by reason of their nature cannot be returned;
3) Perishable items - items with an expiry or sell-by date;
4) Sealed items which have been unsealed, such as audio or video recordings or PC software;

Return costs

If you return an item to us, you agree to pay the cost of return delivery,
1. if the received items were "as ordered" and the cost of return delivery does not exceed €100.-;
2. if full payment for the item is still outstanding.
Otherwise, SARAD will pay the cost of return delivery.

Returning heavy goods

If the accumulated size or weight of the received items prevents returning these items via standard mail, courier or parcel carrier, please notify us in writing within a period of fourteen days after receipt of the goods.

Returning items with integrated data storage systems (such as PCs, laptops, memory sticks, mobile phones, etc.)

Please remember that you are solely responsible for any information you stored on these devices. Make sure you transfer all relevant information/make backup copies and delete all personal information (in particular, personal information of any third party) prior to returning the item to SARAD. If deleting personal information stored on items to be returned to SARAD is prevented by the item in question being faulty, please state this clearly on the return slip.

N.B.: Your right to cancel does not affect your statutory rights.


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