DOSEman - Radon Exposimeter/Dosimeter

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Personal Radon Dosimeter DOSEman. Also, measurement of Radon in Soil Gas is possible!

  • Measurement range: 0 - 4.000.000 Bq/m³
  • Developed within a project of the German Federal Office for Radiation Protection
  • Measurement principle: Diffusion, HV chamber, semiconductor detector, alpha -spectroscopy
  • A portable handy instrument with user-friendly one-button operation
  • Adjustable measurement intervals,
  • Memory for 720 data records
  • Slow mode operation for high sensitivity
  • Fast mode operation for fast response time
  • Indication: concentration / exposure / dose
  • Acoustic and optical warning
  • Data communication via the infrared adapter
  • Battery operation for 12 days.
  • Now including a battery charger free of charge!
  • Proven use in industry and research
  • EAN 7141224198432
Question about this product

The DOSEman was developed as a personal Radon dosimeter within a project of the German Federal Office of Radiation Protection. The small outlines, the lightweight, and its roughness allowing a stress-free permanent wearing of the Radon dosimeter. The integrated rechargeable batteries are good for approximately 12 days of continuous operation. The Radon exposimeter is absolutely tamper-proof and can be operated by a single push button.

A short response time realized by the built-in Alpha spectroscopy makes sure that the person who wears the radon dosimeter will be warned immediately in case of dangerous Radon concentrations. The internal data memory was designed large enough to save a high-resolution time distribution. Data download and set-up management are realized by a wireless infra-red interface (accessory).

The instrument comes with a factory calibration certificate. The calibration process fulfills the requirements of the DIN ISO EN 17025.

The Radonexposimeter DOSEman comes with the latest release of the Radon Vision software.

Please note, that you have to order an IR-adapter with this instrument. You will find it in Accessories! A battery charger is now also included.



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