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Power supply adapter 12VDC for Smart Radon Sensor, a smart radon monitor.
  1-2 weeks
60.00* 60.00*
Transportation and sampling suitcase for field application of the RTM 1688-2 cable/ tube feedthroughs for incoming and outgoing air and power supply
  1-2 weeks
539.00* 539.00*
Water inflow protector for Radon/Thoron monitor RTM 1688-2 to protect the instrument from damages caused by water inflow in the high-voltage chamber of the instrument during the Radon gas...
  1-2 weeks
414.20* 414.20*
Direct wireless ventilation controlling for Radon Scout / Radon Scout Plus. Please order with the instruments only!
  In stock
270.32* 270.32*
Soil gas probes for Radon gas measurement in the soil.
  1-2 weeks
292.50* 292.50*
The 430 x 430 mm chamber, providing a volume of 27.7l, was developed to avoid highly back diffusion of gas during surface-exhalation measurement.
  4-6 weeks
580.00* 580.00*
The gas cleaning bottle enables in combination with a Radon monitor a fast determination of radon activity concentration in water.  
  1-2 weeks
257.50* 257.50*
Leather bag for poCAMon (personal Continuous Aerosol Monitor) suits perfectly for wearing on the chest and protects the instrument additionaly. 
  1-2 weeks
115.00* 115.00*
Leather bag for DOSEman/ DOSEman Pro/ MyRIAM perfectly suits for for wearing on your belt or cherst.
  In stock
85.90* 85.90*
Internal GPS Modul for personal continuous air monitor poCAMon.
  In stock
645.00* 645.00*
Battery charger for DOSEman/Pro/MyRIAM. Included for free of charge*!
  1-2 weeks
131.00* 131.00*
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